Thursday, October 15, 2009

Itty Bitty Stitches

I stumbled upon an opportunity to knit some samples for the Itty Bitty Toys publisher and I jumped in to the project yesterday. The patterns I'll be working on are both reversibles and they're too cute! If you haven't seen this book I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy. This may be Susan's best book yet.
It took me most of the morning to get gauge. These are itty bitty stitches, but it looks gorgeous so far. I went down from the recommended size 4 to a size 1 needle (maybe I'll knit socks after this).
I'll be knitting 2 samples of the Reversible Cat & Mouse and one sample of the Reversible Lion & Elephant.

I have plans of my own to knit the Sisters for the wee one. I think BSA Cotton or Spud & Chloƫ Sweater would be a good option for these toys if you don't have access to O-Wool. I had a hard time tracking down all the colors I needed and ended up ordering from 2 stores.
I'd better get back to my tiny stitching. Hopefully I'll have some progress to share soon.


  1. wow, that IS itty bitty! tons of cuteness though! have fun with that!

  2. Reversible toys?! She is too clever!

  3. OH the joys of gauge.


    Looks like lots of fun! I loved SISTERS too and my girls are going to get one from mom for Christmas.

  4. I'm glad someone else is having fun with gauge, too. i'm attempting to achieve 4 sts/" with Outer. Itty bitty is right!