Saturday, October 26, 2013


I remember my grandmother always wearing an apron whenever in the kitchen.  I am not sure I have any photos of her without her apron!  She was a hard working farm wife who was always cooking or baking something.  The backdrop is my grandma's Hoosier Cupboard that was in the pantry of the old farm house.  The apron looks right at home with Grandma's cream pitcher and old mixing bowl.   On the farm in western Minnesota there were 5 meals a day....breakfast, "forenoon lunch", dinner at noon, "afternoon lunch" and supper in the evening.  It is kind of funny how things changed when I moved to the Twin Cities metro area.  The city folks had breakfast, lunch at noon and dinner in the evening.  Our forenoon and afternoon lunches became "coffee breaks" or snacks.  I smile as I think back all those years ago when this farm girl made the transition to city life.

I gifted this apron to my oldest daughter for her birthday.  I used the gift bag that Sylvia created by attaching pattern pieces to a craft bag using Mod Podge®.  She presented it to me with a gift but I think the bag was a gift too!  I passed it to Ali as I wanted to keep it in the family.  Will be interesting to see how many times it is passed among us!  
I needed a wedding shower gift earlier this fall and decided to make another apron to personalize the usual kitchen shower gift.  The fabric is a print of handwritten recipe cards.  Might be kind of fun to try the one the recipes!  The entire border is finished with bias tape making it a fast sew.  I hope the bride enjoys it. 



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby Gift

A quick quilt project for a baby shower gift.  I used a pretty print for the front and a plain pink for the back side using a contrasting color thread to do the quilting.  I simply drew an arc at each corner and than followed the arc until they met in the center.  I did not worry about making them equal so they do not meet directly in the center making the design a bit more abstract.  I used my walking foot which works great for keeping the layers even and has a guide to keep the lines parallel.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the entire back side so show off the finished quilting but it has already been gifted.   I will remember to take more photos in the future.  I had enough fabric left to include a matching bib for the new baby girl.