Sunday, February 10, 2013


A snowy day here in Minnesota and we are staying out of the elements.  It was the perfect excuse to clean up the cutting table and get to work on a set of jumpers for E & A.  It's a blessing to have these two little granddaughters so close by.  I have had the fabric for a while but had misplaced the pattern I planned to use so the project has been on the to do list.  Luckily, I made it to Jo Ann Fabric  during the latest pattern sale and picked up a couple simple ones so I could get the project underway.  With the snow today it was the perfect excuse to get going.  Because I had the fabric before the pattern I did not have quite enough fabric for 2 jumpers but by putting a seam at the center back of the larger size I made do with what I had.  The fabric is a thin wale corduroy so I had to take the nap into account or I might have been able to avoid the extra seam.  I added the rickrack as an afterthought as it was in the pile of trims and matched perfectly.  The second one is cut and ready to sew but I better cook supper now as I am sure the hubby will be hungry when he gets in from blowing snow.