Sunday, August 31, 2014

You Are My Sunshine!

Continuing the theme of up-cycled denim skirts I created this one using a short denim skirt and a party dress.  I attached the skirt to the bottom of the denim and removed the flower trim from the bodice of the dress and used them as trim for the skirt.  It required a bit of hand sewing to secure the flowers but I love the yellow added to the skirt.  I am humming "You are My Sunshine" as I write this!  This skirt is also for sale on my Etsy shop so if you are looking for a unique skirt that is casual and yet says "PARTY", jump on over to

Friday, August 29, 2014

Up-cycled Denim Skirts

I have been trying a few new techniques for updating denim skirts.  I've seen a lot of jeans made into skirts and skirts with gathered tiers added but when I saw a skirt with a knitted lace flounce I just had to try my hand at the look.  I added a row of blanket stitching using size 3 cotton in off white. I used an embroidery needle making it quite easy to get through the denim.  After the blanket stitching was in place I used cotton yarn and picked up one stitch in each blanket stitch.  I choose a simple 10 stitch repeat lace pattern and began the knitted section repeating the pattern until the yarn ran out.  The finished skirt is about 18 inches long.   I love the look!  If you like it the finished skirt if for sale on my Etsy shop.