Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jar Quilts

Just a bit of stash busting that I would like to repeat. This is a sample jar quilt I made to try out an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I used a strip quilting technique using a muslin backing with a light batting and stitching down the strips, quilting as you go.  I did add a few quilting lines for accents.  The buttons are closed with loops of elastic stitched into the bias trim.  I am sure I have a stash of fat quarters that would make a whole set of these cute jar quilts.  One set for the kitchen to hold everything from coffee beans to sugar cubes and one set for the sewing room to organize all those little accessories that are waiting for the perfect project.  This sample was sized to fit a pint jar but you could use any size jar so I guess that makes this a good recycling project too.  You could paint the jar lids to coordinate with the fabrics you choose. Lots of ideas to expand on this project idea when I have more time. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bicycle Pillows

Stash busting has been slowed down due to "life" happening.  I have managed to make some pillows form an original drawing by Sylvia that I have converted into machine embroidery using the software for my Viking Husqvarna embroidery machine.  I think they turned out really cute with the addition of some freestyle hand embroidered flowers in the baskets.  The additions of the flowers makes each pillow unique.  The linen look fabrics are from my stash, so there is a little bit of stash busting going on.  Now we need to find a gift store near a bike trail that would like to carry our bicycle themed creations.  When our girls were growing up we spent many weekends camping near our favorite bike trails in Minnesota and Wisconsin and riding our bikes so this theme brings back many memories.