Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby making

I've had the machine fired up a lot lately with pink and white thread trying to get a few baby things done. I even managed to fire up the knitting needles and get a couple hats ready. I'll be heading to the hospital with multiple sizes this time as our little munchkin was a (shocking) mere 5 pounds 13 ounces. She drowned in everything I had for her. We haven't had any babies in our family under 8 pounds, so that was a giant surprise.

I decided to get a contour changing pad this time around. We don't need much, so I picked out a few convenient items to add to the baby gear. The pad covers are so expensive though, so I did a little hunting for a tutorial. This one was great and I'm really happy with how this came out. I'm hoping I have enough Anna Maria flannel to do another.

I also managed to crank out a couple bibs and will likely do a few more as these were super easy and turned out pretty cute. If you use this pattern beware that the hole you leave for turning is quite small. It works, but just barely. I had a bit of hand-cramping to get them turned.

I wanted to do a lacy homecoming hat in a worsted weight. I thought it would look pretty, but knit up fairly fast (I need to limit time with my needles due to some carpal tunnel troubles). I used this pattern and only worked 2 rows of seed stitch. They're not perfect, but I think they turned out very sweet. I used BSA Worsted Cotton in Shell.

I'm sure there will be more baby things before April arrives, but I should shift gears back to Eliza's quilt so we'll be ready to dress her bed when (and if) it arrives. The verdict is still out on upgrading her to a toddler bed, but it would make mom's c-section recovery a bit easier. I'll be forging ahead as energetically as I can muster to get some more crafting in before a hiatus come spring.

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  1. Hard to believe she was ever that small in the top photo. I think I have seen that face in the last day or two tho:)