Friday, February 18, 2011

GF Recipe Roundup

I've been baking as much as ever and haven't shared much (or photographed much for that matter). I thought I'd pass on some links and a few comments on some recipes I've been enjoying lately.

Focaccia Bread – I used white rice flour and cornstarch for this. I put 2 T of sugar in on round 2. This is great for paninis (another food I've been missing over the last few years)!
Fruit Filled Coffee Cake – I used cornstarch in place of the starches on this one, and used strawberry pie filling. I think this tastes like a cereal bar only better. I'd like to experiment with some other fillings, maybe even raisins and brown sugar?
One Bowl Chocolate Cake – I tried this recipe out a few weeks ago in hopes of finding a birthday cake for Eliza's party. I wanted a simple, delicious chocolate cake recipe to add to my collection as well. (I'm a big fan of crazy cake). This is an easy, delicious recipe. I just used white rice flour. You'll want to use a fairly thin frosting as this is a very moist cake. I'm wondering if putting it in the freezer for an hour would help with that. I put a vanilla butter cream frosting on it. Yum!
Baked Penne with Chicken – I doubled the chicken and cut the noodles in half on this one (and omitted the mushrooms). I just used a shredded Italian blend of cheeses in place of the provolone, and subbed rice flour of course. I love Martha's recipes and this has made it into the regular rotation.

I hope you're enjoying some delicious foods this winter. We've had a little relief from the arctic temperatures, but I'm still in comfort food mode. I'm sure I'll be ready to fire up the grill before too long, though. Spring will be here before we know it (and so will our baby girl)!

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