Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shamefully Overdue

I've been very delinquent on posting progress on the oodles and oodles of projects I've been working on. I'm gearing up to back the quilt I started last winter, have another quilt ready to be quilted, been wearing a new maternity skirt for weeks now, made some potholders for a friend, finished up a jacket for Eliza, whipped up a changing pad cover and made a couple bibs this week. I even knit a couple baby hats! Boy, my needles were getting pretty rusty. The crafting is never-ending around here of late. I've got some other projects up my sleeve as well, but those will have to stay quiet for a bit. I've been preparing for the arrival of baby girl #2. We're feeling fairly well-prepared at this point, but that may all derail any day now. We're expecting her the first week of April, but baby #1 came 10 days early, so I think all bets are off at this point. Half my projects are in with a sleeping toddler this afternoon and I have a walking foot to go fiddle with, so no pictures today. Oh, I also need to share some pictures of my loot from a recent shopping trip. I'm loving my new Anna Maria goodness. I'll be back soon with some proof of all I've been up to. I might even have a recipe or two to share!

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