Monday, August 2, 2010

Phew! What a weekend!

Well, we had a houseful for my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. Five of the thirty-some were overnight guests. Eliza had a blast with her cousins who showered her with attention.

Eliza got to spend a little time with her great grandpa too.

I think her favorite part of the weekend was her new buddy, Po (or Doddy, as she refers to him).

My s-i-l was a lifesaver. She made all kinds of salads and lent me a bit of her calm and cool. So we had more food than we could possibly eat and a lovely cake made by a dear friend (I think we put a good dent in that).

I've got a few projects to share, but first things first. I've got a disaster in the fridge and then I think Netflix is calling my name. Hope your weekend was great!


  1. What a cheerful cake! I think I need one :-)

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Wow what a beautiful little Eliza! Love your cake, too.