Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family of Hats

My mom and I embarked on a journey of hat knitting for some friends in Alaska. Here is our family of hats (which began a journey of their own yesterday). Dad got a striped hat in BSA Worsted and Mom got a hat in the same yarn from this pattern. We thought washable hats would be ultimately practical for the kids. Big Brother got an improvised earflap hat in S&C Outer. The Twins each got a Flap Happy. My mom lined all the kids hats with fleece and took on the knitting for Dad's hat and Big Brother's hat. I hope they'll keep some ears toasty!


  1. But ... there's no pompoms and tassels on Flap Happy! You've been deprived of the experience of making them. (Lucky you.)

  2. LOVE the hats! How lucky those twins will be in their flap happys. Very toasty indeed!

  3. Fun! I hope they send a cute family pic!