Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea Towel and Pot Holder

I found this cute kitchen print fat quarter at a great quilt shop Millie P’s, in Anoka, MN, that will be perfect for my daughter’s kitchen. The tea towel came from the same shop. I love one stop shopping! You may want to prewash both items to prevent uneven shrinkage. I began by cutting a 3 inch strip wider than the towel. Fold a hem on each side of the strip and press well.
Pin the strip to the towel measuring from the bottom to ensure that the strip it even. Turn under the ends.

Top stitch around the design. Hint. Sew the top and bottom in the same direction to keep fabric from twisting. After the top and bottom are attached sew each end.

The first pot holder was constructed from two 8 inch squares of the same fat quarter. The lining is batting with special thermal lining that works great for a light weight pot holder that will provide protection from hot kettle handles. You may want to add one layer of lightweight wool or cotton batting to make a thicker pad.

Sandwich the batting between the squares.

Pin well. Apply bias tape around the pot holder to finish the edges.
To finish the pot holder I put one round of quilting stitches approximately 1 inch from the edge. This simple project was low in cost, easy and quick to make, and a fun small gift for any hostess.

I made a second pot holder by trimming a 4 inch square with a bit of green quilting cotton that I had in my stash that matched quite well and stretched the kitchen fabric far enough to complete the set.

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