Friday, October 8, 2010

No Proof

Well, I accomplished what I would consider a great culinary feat a couple weeks ago. However, I was apparently too delinquent in getting the pictures off the camera and they made a disappearing act (not really, my husband dumped them, he needs a clean card most of the time... shopping trip today). Anyway, you have to believe me, I made tiramisu. Gluten free tiramisu. The real feat was the gluten free ladyfingers. I beat egg yolks and then egg whites and mixed up the goodies and piped the cookies onto parchment and all. Now I need to head out and get some more ingredients so that I can make it again and retain the proof this time.
The tiramisu recipe wasn't quite sweet enough for my taste. I would sweeten the whipped cream a bit and add a little extra sugar to the cheese mixture. For the ladyfingers I subbed rice flour for sorghum and cornstarch for tapioca.
Well, I'll leave you with a picture from our little "field trip" last Friday. Eliza had her first ride on a "train" (wooden carts pulled by a lawn tractor) and loved it. She cried when it was over. Too cute.

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