Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your Name Here

Alas, the Coral Cutie never made it home. The loss did, however, motivate me to design something new (but it's top secret for now). It will teach me to guard hand knits with my life if I decide to risk bringing them out in public with me again.

I finally managed to get a pattern laid out and proofed and ready for download. It's called Your Name Here and there's a link in the sidebar. The banner got a little face lift too, thanks to my talented husband. Now I need to focus my attention on a couple knitting projects, one old and one new. The new project is destined for publication so my lips are sealed for the time being (sorry).
Ah, the quilt. *sigh* There's something about big projects sitting too long. It's like you have to work up extra steam to pick them back up, or maybe it's just that whole project monogamy thing. Then again, maybe it's just laziness. (I think the last option is the most likely in my case). The reason doesn't matter so much if I can just work up a little motivation, and squeeze in some sewing machine time. I don't have too far to go to finish the top and then I can try my hand at quilting. Fun, new adventures coming up!
Take a look at the new pattern and let me know if you think it needs any help. Have fun!

*ETA: The link for Your Name Here should be working now. Let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll try something else.


  1. Sewing! You ALMOST inspire me to try needle and thread...ALMOST!!! I shall leave the sewing things to those professionals...

    Major Cuteness!

    Like the updated look on the blog too...talented hubbies are awesome, eh?!

  2. the link isn't working? thanks!

  3. I tried the link too....not working....