Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Close...

I've been plugging away at a pair of Flap Happy Hats for a set of twins and I'm so close... yet so far. I've reached the crochet trim point. I've been telling myself I need to work on the crochet skills for instances like this, but haven't sprung into action yet. I think I'll leave the pom poms off these and just add a few tassels. I've got the ties knit and ready to attach, it's just the crochet edging I'm hung up on. I was thinking the hats might be ok without? Anyone care to weigh in? Or give me a lesson?
These hats were really fun to make. I enjoyed working the textures and stripes together and they whipped up pretty fast on a size 7. I think the colorways turned out pretty fun too. (Boy: Moonlight, Ice Cream, Grass and Rootbeer; Girl: Popsicle, Ice Cream, Watermelon and Rootbeer). I'm planning to line these with fleece as the recipients live in Alaska.


  1. Didn't you used to be a crocheter, Miss Sylvia?? You can do it!!

  2. You could pick up stitches all the way around the edge and then bind off loosely. No crochet there:) Easy peasy!

    They are cute hats!

  3. Don't fear the crochet! :-)

    (you can watch online videos, you know...)