Monday, December 7, 2009

Crafting Central

Well, life happened again last week and the quilt (among other things) got neglected. I've had supplies for another fun project burning a hole in the bag in the closet as well. *sigh* Maybe this week. We had a minor family crisis this week (everyone is fine, we're just needing to shift some space), which made me the proud guardian of this beautiful machine (in addition to about 8 large plastic totes FULL of fabric). All the accoutrements accompanied the load, so my sparse craft room has been transformed into crafting central for the time being. Packing up fabric got my brain running full speed with ideas, so I hope I'll still be able to sleep at night. Anyone up for a crafting therapy day?


  1. Always up for craft therapy!!!

    Just need a good time to craft therapy with others! 3 AM probably isn't a good time for you???


    Let's meet and knit after the holidays? Children optional??

  2. Crafting therapy is good on any day!