Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Blanket

I made this baby blanket for a baby shower for a mom who has Russian heritage.  I wanted to do something special for her first baby due in just a few weeks.  The doll figure was imported it into my Viking software to make the embroidery.  I changed out the tummy design for each doll and included two for the center square.  Simple stitching around the dolls added some quilting within the white squares and I followed a couple stripes in the colored blocks.  I found the print at Joann's and thought it fit the theme.  Using the print as a guide I used bright pink on the back and framed the squares with a orange cotton that was in my stash.  The squares are all 10 inches.  I use 10 inch squares a lot because it really makes the math easy. You can get 4 squares out of 1/3 yard of 44" fabric with a bit left to square every thing up.  Needing only a small amount of fabric for the contrast square you can choose a designer fabric and not blow the budget.  The solid colors I used are standard quilting solids.  I would not have used the orange and pink together without the inspiration given in the accent fabric.  All in all the shower was a success with the mom receiving a wonderful assortment of things for the new baby. 

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